Family Services

The Victorian Government’s vision is that every child should thrive, learn and grow, be valued and respected, and become an effective adult.

The government’s aspirations are the same for vulnerable children and youth as for all children. Many families need occasional support to realise these aspirations, especially where their capacity to support and care adequately for their child is impaired.

They may also require the additional support and targeted interventions of Family Services.

Family Services play a critical role in promoting outcomes for vulnerable children and families and provide a range of service interventions with a whole-of-family focus, to:

- strengthen parent capability to provide basic care, ensure safety and promote their child’s development
- improve the family’s community connections and access to community resources.

This requires building and supporting a reliable network of ongoing services, strong linkages and sustained engagement with relevant universal and adult services, and supporting these services to work effectively with vulnerable children and families.