Vidovic House Shared Accommodation

Vidovic House is a large, family style home which offers supportive group housing for up to 8 adults with mild intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

Vidovic House is close to Centro ensuring residents are provided with a range of services in close proximity. The House provides comfort, independence and social interaction and peace of mind to family members and carers.

Each resident occupies their own room and shares bathroom, laundry, kitchen and lounge room facilities.

A housekeeper ‘lives in’ and keeps the common areas of the house clean, neat and tidy, shops for the house and prepares healthy midday and evening meals, organises regular House meetings, responds to appropriate needs and monitors the residents’ physical and mental well-being. The Housekeeper is on call in the case of an emergency five nights per week. Casual staff perform duties on weekends.

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For further information or an inspection please phone 5021 6500.