Homelessness Support Program (Vic only)

The Homelessness program is a confidential service which aims to provide support and assistance to people that are homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness.

Within this aim, the goals are to assist people above 15 years of age, adults and families to resolve crisis, re-establish family links where possible, acquire and maintain appropriate housing and empower homeless people to achieve their maximum level of self-reliance and independence.

Types of support and assistance include:

- information regarding accommodation options in the local area.

- advice and referral to successfully link clients with appropriate services.

- assistance with access and/or referral to appropriate accommodation providers.

- assistance with applications and provide advocacy for transitional, public and private rental housing.

- early intervention strategies for young people at risk of homelessness via assistance to access family mediation.

- personal crisis support and referral where appropriate.

- advocacy/liaison/representation, housing establishment assistance.

- case management support to provide ongoing housing support and assistance.

- promotion of independence and self reliance through providing opportunities to develop living/life skills.

- assessment and access to financial assistance.

Access to the program is via referral from Haven, Home, Safe who provide an intake and assessment service during normal business hours (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm). Haven is located at 143A Lime Avenue, Mildura, and can be contacted on 50184200.